Kodaikanal the princess of hills

History of Kodaikanal till the  recent past

The hill station was an invention of the british officer serving in India. But Kodaikanal was different. Its major development took place because of American, not British, enterprise.

In 1845,the American mission arrived, and built two bungalows on the southern side of the Kodaikanal plateau. To escape the summer heat, and mosquitoes. There is always a chance of catching a glimpse of a hero or heroine.

Early tamil poets used Kodai-kanal to describe forests that are always green, even in summer.

The journey across the plains, from places like periakulam which was the bone cracking exercise, was carried up by coolies. 


In 1880s brought a big change in transport. It was called as transit. 


In 1879, 75 Europeans came to kodai for the summer `season'. By 1883 the new hill station had 615 permanent residents. By the mid 1900s there were some 100 Europeans living there.

Some more intresting plase that you must visit one's in your life time. 

              Bryant Park
             Pine forest
           Pillar Rock
          Cooker's walk
          Guna cave
 There are many more awesome places to visit and these above places are few.

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